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Planned route

“Along The US” is a kayak trip from the Great Lakes (Chicago) close to the gulf of Mexico (Baton Rouge, LA) by Matt C. and Sorouche M..

The route was through US waterways. The trip started in the vicinities of the city of Chicago, IL May 4th, 2010 on the Illinois river and ended in Baton Rouge, LA June 3rd, 2010 on the Lower Mississippi river. It covered a distance of +2400km (1500mi).

The trip was documented with pictures and blog entries. You can read a summary (posts made along the way) below in chronological order or here.

Find out more about the objectives of the trip and misc stats. Many pictures in the gallery section.

Below is an elevation of the trip from start to end.



Matt Kayak

Red Deer

Matt C.

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