New Orleans… almost

Parked beside the USS Kidd I have been paddling a lot every day (80 nautical miles and plus per day) and yesterday I finally covered the symbolic 100 nmi (185km) to finish just beside the only bridge under construction I had seen so far. The ‘John James Audubon bridge‘, the longest to-be cable bridge of North America.  I was convinced I will beat it the next day.
I am now in Baton Rouge, 125 nautical miles away from New Orleans, less than a day and half of paddling but  Green Turtle (the kayak) & I decided to end the kayaking in Baton Rouge for safety reasons. It took the coastguards a lot to convince me but for just a day and half of paddling vs the risks and upcoming dangers without a marine radio they were right. From Baton Rouge there are Cargo ships going along the river as well many ‘security zones’ up to New Orleans set up by petrochemical companies (Exxon & al…). As well there are forecasts of very severe storms for the next three coming days.

More to come… you can read as well Matt’s journal about his trip of to St Louis here.

Read the ‘last days on the Mississippi’ here.

P6030386 [1280x768]Cargo ship (can travel up to Baton Rouge). You can imagine the size of the ship if you compare it to the bridge.

P5280272 [1280x768]A very memorable trip without a doubt !


5 Responses to “New Orleans… almost”

  1. Sir Weakly says:

    Sweet! You are almost there (at least I think you are based on that post).

  2. leo says:

    BRAVOOOO !!!!

  3. Guillaume says:

    Congrats’ Sorouche !!
    You made it and still alive. Try to not end up by slipping in the bathtub, it’d be a pity after this whole trip.
    Glad to see you soon :-)

  4. Rajib says:

    You should try the local cuisine in Baton should be a delicious experience..I wish I was there (for the food not the

  5. Omid says:

    Allez Sorouche Allez

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