After St Louis.

Soon enough it will be the ‘after St Louis’ days.

Before getting there I wanted to thank Matt for coming along with me up to St Louis. He did not give up where many people would have given up, was always helpfull and sharing. He borrowed me SpongeBob SquarePants and the weather radio for the great rainy days to come !

As well I wanted to thank everyone commenting and sending emails ! At the moment I can’t reply to everyone but I will in the future. So I hope you can accept this as a gesture of appreciation.

I know the world is not black & white and I am looking forward to meet and see more of the US.

Sorouche & Matt on the Illinois river

Photo courtesy of Jerry Milam a pro photographer in Pekin, Il.

I will post his other pics with all the other pics at the end of the trip in the gallery section. Some of the pics suffered a lot because all I have on this computer is MS Paint. As well bad news but we lost all the pictures from the 10th to 17th may when we reached St Louis. I was changing the SD card of the camera and put the full one on the edge of a wall along the Mississippi and I believe it fell to its death!

I lost lots of great moments (Havan the very american city, pelicans, the Lunchbox, Rotten Apples….).

There are some pictures in the post below as well a ‘quick’ summary of the events in Pekin, Il.

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