Deepcrap Horizon & BP

Deepwater Horizon fire

BP was using the Deepwater Horizon (ultra-deep water oil rig) under contract. Last September 2, 2009, it drilled the Tiber oilfield the deepest oil and gas well with a vertical depth of 35,050 feet (10,680 m). The Tiber oilfield is a ‘giant’ oilfield estimated to contain 635 to 950 petalitres (4 and 6 billion barrels) of oil in place.

Unfortunately the Deepcrap Horizon blew-out during this year’s Earth Day celebrations (21st April 2010) . 11 workers died in the incident as well.
The oil spill is trying to be contained and we hope that a good job will be done before it reaches the coast where there are many wildlife reserves.


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