Welcome and Happy Earth Day !

Earth Day Logo (Copyrights: Earth Day Network)Hello and welcome to AlongTheUS.org!

The AlongTheUS is symbolically launched the 40th anniversary of Earth Day even though it will be a work in progress for a while. Our kayaking adventure along the US through the Illinois and Mississippi rivers from Chicago to New Orleans will begin start of May. It will cover 1500 nautical miles (2500km, 1700miles) along the largest river system in North America. Subscribe to the RSS feed or visit regularly to be updated of the latest news.

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  1. Ray McCausland:

    Enjoy your trip! I caught your story in the Peoria, IL Journal Star website. (sorry about the overzealous Pekin police…..they’re known for being jerks) I live and work near St. Louis, but grew up on the Illinois River near Havana. e-mail me or call me at 314-954-1671 when you get to St. Louis. I can get you any supplies you may need at that time. You’re both welcome to spend the night in our home too; we have plenty of space.

    all the best, happy paddling
    Ray McCausland
    O’Fallon, IL

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